Safeheron Auto-Sweep: High Efficiency on Time and Cost

By Feri

Safeheron stands as an open-source, transparent, and decentralized digital asset self-custody service provider, conceived and nurtured by a seasoned team boasting over a decade of prowess in cyber defense and cryptography. Since 2019, Safeheron has been on the digital asset security custody frontlines, ardently embracing the challenges of the cyber realm.

With the launch of Safeheron’s SaaS product in June 2022, we've received recognition from Web3 institutions, supporting their Web3 journey. Throughout this expedition, Safeheron has remained attuned to the clients' resonances, cherishing their feedback and needs in a voyage of continuous refinement.

Comprehensively understanding client needs and business dynamics, Safeheron consistently refines our SaaS products and services, not merely delivering an exceptional user experience but incessantly rolling out novel features and services. This endeavor aims to increase cost-efficiency and provide a variety of value-added services.

After rigorous research, design, relentless development, and all-encompassing testing, Safeheron officially launched an automated sweeping solution, the Auto-Sweep application.

What is Auto Sweep

Auto Sweep is a bot application primarily tailored for institutional clientele, offering automated asset sweeping from specified wallets to designated target wallet addresses. Moreover, for wallets without gas or with insufficient gas, the application automatically fuels gas to complete asset sweeping.

Through auto-sweeping, clients can nimbly tailor their asset-sweeping policies based on their business needs, achieving efficient asset utilization while reducing human costs.

As a value-added service offered by Safeheron to all clients, all paid clients can autonomously navigate without any additional charges; even users in the trial period can enjoy the auto-sweep application. Clients can directly access it after updating the Safeheron App to the latest version (V1.2.7 and above). Please feel free to give it a try.

Who Does Auto Sweep Serve

Auto Sweep primarily serves centralized platforms, such as exchanges, neobanks, asset managers, lending desks, payment service platforms, and custody platforms. These institutions, in their endeavor to galvanize their operations, invariably find themselves crafting centralized custody wallet systems, serving as the conduits for end-users to manage digital assets through deposits and withdrawals.

Building a centralized custody wallet system from scratch not only requires the construction of the platform’s own clearing and settlement system but also the establishment of a foundational digital asset security management and allocation system to serve massive deposits and withdrawals. And, efficiently and cost-effectively automating the sweeping of digital assets deposited by different end-users into the hot wallets used for withdrawals is a critical aspect of the underlying allocation system.

Clients, by autonomously configuring the sweeping bot through the auto-sweep, can now swiftly construct the robust asset allocation system for their custodial wallets.

What Advantages Auto Sweep Has

Reduce Costs and Enhance Efficiency without Additional Charge

Through Safeheron auto-sweep, clients can autonomously configure asset-sweeping policies, which significantly reduces their R&D costs of building bots independently and improves development efficiency.

No Need to Frequently Modify or Add Policies

With auto-sweep, only one policy is needed per blockchain network, avoiding repetitive setups. Especially for exchanges that frequently introduce various new digital assets in a rapidly changing market, configuring policies by the network can satisfy most sweeping scenarios without frequently modifying or adding policies.

Control Gas Costs Effectively

Clients can set a cap on the network fee for a single transaction, effectively controlling costs. Given the fluctuation of the network’s gas, every day the gas has its peak and floor prices. If asset sweeping is not required to be very highly time-sensitive for clients, setting a network fee cap allows waiting for gas price dips and then automatically getting transactions confirmed on the chain.

Additionally, when the assets to be swept is the native cryptocurrency of the selected network and the network supports tokens, you can reserve a certain amount of the native cryptocurrency. It means that when the wallet address receives tokens, there's no need to refuel it with additional gas; the token sweeping will be automatically completed, effectively reducing gas costs.

Gas Station Faciliates 100% Automation

Clients can designate a wallet as the Gas Station, storing a certain amount of gas. When the wallet to be swept has insufficient gas, the Gas Station will auto-fuel the wallet.

Support Multiple API Co-Signers for Enhanced Stability

Clients can configure multiple API Co-Signers based on their business scenarios, ensuring the stability of sweeping services.

Auto-sweep supports all public blockchains and L2 that are supported by the Safeheron asset wallet.


Safeheron's newly launched Auto Sweep is a bot application primarily designed for exchange-type clients. Its main purpose is to assist clients in sweeping digital assets that end-users need to deposit when constructing the centralized custodial wallet system. This application does not require any additional charges and is offered as a value-added service. Clients can access it after updating the Safeheron App to the latest version (V1.2.7 and above). Please feel free to give it a try.

If you have any suggestions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to provide feedback to the Safeheron Support team.

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