Safeheron Android V1.0.2: Institutional-Grade Security For Android


Designed for Android users, Safeheron Android V1.0.2 provides Android users with institutional-grade security right away.

Upgraded Safeheron Android V1.0.2 brings flexibility, simplicity and clarity to more users.

Now, scan the QR Code on to download, and next week you can directly find the Safeheron App on Google Play.

What you can enjoy in Safeheron Android V1.0.2:

  • Sign up & start to use in a few minutes

  • Multi-people co-management in one App

  • Your assets in your 100% control

  • Your transactions in a snap

  • Your secure custody at a low cost

  • No more Fat Finger and test transactions

  • What you see is what you sign

  • ...

Find out more in Welcome to The New Safeheron.

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