2021 Year In Review, Head To A Promising 2022


Safeheron Team

2021 is the first year of Safeheron. Based on our technology stores of privacy computing, we developed Asia’s first privacy computing (MPC+TEE)-based digital asset secure custody solution. Aimed at eliminating private key’s single point of failure and systematic risk of centralized custody, our solution provides institutional-grade asset governance (multirole & multidimensional transfer approval), as security be the premise, for our customers to reduce costs and increase profits.

If you are concerned about the security risk of a single private key stored in a mobile app, browser plugin or server, Safeheron is another better choice for you other than hot wallet like MetaMask, hardware wallet such as Ledger and centralized custody.

In the 3 months since Safeheron Beta launched in October 2021, Safeheron has custodied $100 million, safely transferred $800 million, and closed an angel funding round of million dollars in December.

At the beginning of 2022, we’d like to thank all our customers, partners and investors wholeheartedly who have shown their love to Safeheron. We wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!

In the new year, Safeheron, the security technology power from China, will continue to provide secure and efficient asset custody services and solutions for domestic and overseas “family members” & friends!

Safeheron in 6 Milestones


Safeheron team started studying Multi-Party Computation (MPC) & noticed its vital potential in digital asset management.


Safeheron team independently realized the MPC-ECDSA protocol based on MPC.


Safeheron Project officially launched.


Safeheron Beta went live (iOS App + Web). Our first 8 customers officially signed up using Safeheron, fund management provider, Web3 investment fund and DeFi technology provider included.


  • Safeheron API officially launched;

  • Angel funding round of million dollars closed.


  • Safeheron Android App officially released;

  • Safeheron passed Kudelski Security Phase I security audit, making sure MPC algorithms secure & reliable;

  • Safeheron Information Security Management was certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Co-build「Joint Lab of Trusted Computing and Blockchain Security」

In December, 2021, Safeheron’s iString Lab collaborated with Turing AI Institute of Nanjing led by Academician Yao (MPC was originated from the millionaire’s problem and its cryptographic solution proposed by Turing Award-winning Academician Yao in 1982) on co-building 「Joint Lab of Trusted Computing and Blockchain Security」to jointly promote the research and accumulation of software & hardware technologies in trusted computing and blockchain security.

We both believe that build a joint open lab can form a solid, mutually complementary partnership that achieves the combination of industry, academia and research.

Security Construction

As a digital asset secure custody solution provider, Safeheron always put security construction first.

In 2021, we have achieved the following:

MPC Commercialization

Apply MPC (Multi-Party Computation) into digital asset custody, from theory to product Beta version, from MVP to commercial-level usability.

Zero Trust Architecture Implementation

Zero Trust Architecture has been implemented into every crucial chain, intrusion-prevention, and tamper-proof, guaranteeing our customers “what you see is what you sign”.

Secure Iteration

Every Safeheron iteration that is related to vital chains in asset security is reviewed/checked via white-box & black-box testing by SlowMist security experts. Check at each level and ensure that Safeheron maintains trustworthy security.

Distributed API Co-Signer with Weak Centralization

Besides having Safeheron customers hold their own private key shards independently, they also need to complete multi-party computations with the private key shards held by the API Co-Signer to sign transactions. The API Co-Signer, jointly managed by Safeheron and SlowMist, is deployed in multi-cloud & multi-location in a distributed manner to be more secure and reliable.

Security Audit

Safeheron passed the Kudelski Security Phase I security audit, making sure MPC algorithms and products are secure and trustworthy for our customers.

Safeheron Information Security Management was certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 that our internal management & development are dependable and safe.

2020, More Are Coming

In 2022, Safeheron will release Safeheron 2.0, lowering user threshold, to generalize MPC wallet that more and more small-medium organizations & professional individuals can enjoy it. Not only custody services, we will also support multiple Web3 scenarios such as DeFi, NFT and GameFi.

For small-medium organizations, Safeheron provides you with safer private key shard custody solutions, and also brings more flexible & faster common institutional-grade wallet services to meet your need of collaborative asset management.

For professional individuals, Safeheron will launch generalized MPC wallet. Without exposing original private key, you can enjoy transfer and Web3 interactions right away. Other than single-private-key hot wallet like MetaMask, hardware wallet like Ledger, Safeheron will be another better choice for you.

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