Safeheron V0.0.9: Multi-Workspace Management


Safeheron V0.0.9 has been officially launched on Oct. 20, 2021 bringing you brand new asset management——Multi-Workspace Management.

1. One email account binds multiple Workspaces

After upgrading to Safeheron V0.0.9, you can use one email ID to log into the Console to manage multiple Workspaces. In your Console, you can switch Workspaces smoothly and adopt different identities and roles for different Workspaces.

2. One main Workspace supports multiple Sub-Workspaces

Now you only need one main Workspace and back up one set of shard keys to open multiple sub-Worksapces whose assets and members are isolated from each other.

Sub-Workspace can effectively lower the usage threshold for Safeheron clients while, compared to creating multiple main Workspaces, being more efficient to decrease costs. It’s a highly recommended service for clients running a relatively complicated business and in need of separate asset management.

3. One Safeheron App manages multiple Workspaces

With Safeheron V0.0.9, you can use one Safeheron App to manage multiple Workspaces with promptly binding and smoothly switching.

Upgrade to Safeheron V0.0.9, experience fresh new management.

Safeheron Team

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