Safeheron Snap: A Multi-Factor Auth Wallet for Everyone


TL;DR: We like to introduce you to the Safeheron Snap, a robust, reliable, and open-source multi-factor authentication wallet for all users. Powered by MPC.

Today, Safeheron is proud to announce that the fully open-source Safeheron Snap is officially available on MetaMask, a multi-factor authentication wallet powered by a customized MPC solution with a 2-of-3 signature threshold.

Safeheron Snap launch is a milestone, integrating the MPC multisignature security solution through MetaMask’s browser extension and Safeheron Snap. Incorporating the newly launched MetaMask Account API, accounts created via Safeheron Snap can be displayed and accessed within MetaMask's browser extension.

With Safeheron Snap, all MetaMask users can now benefit from an added layer of protection powered by MPC technology. This ensures that a single private key is never generated during the creation of an MPC wallet, and users retain control over all key shards. Rather than signing a transaction with just one device using the single key, users can now sign all transactions using two out of three connected verification devices: the Safeheron Snap (the website) and its dedicated Snap App (mobile App), both utilizing key shards.

Safeheron Snap also provides users with the convenience of independently recovering their original private keys. They can effortlessly import the recovered single private key into other wallet platforms to seamlessly continue using the same wallet. Even in extreme situations, users need not worry about the security of their assets. Safeheron Snap ensures that users always maintain 100% control over their digital assets.

Safeheron also plans to launch a brand new developer toolkit, a “standardized MPC SDK” to support developers in building secure, sufficient, and scalable MPC-TSS-based applications, similar to Safeheron Snap.

“We are excited and proud to integrate our secure MPC multisignature technology into MetaMask through Safeheron Snap, which now supports MetaMask's browser extension. While significantly bolstering wallet security, Safeheron Snap also ensures a reliable balance between security and efficiency.MetaMask Snaps serves as an open channel for all developers and crypto enthusiasts. At Safeheron, we deeply value the recognition from the MetaMask team regarding MPC technology and are thrilled to contribute our expertise to the MetaMask platform,” said Wade Wang, CEO and Founder of Safeheron.

“Private keys are incredibly difficult to store securely and phishing risks continue to be a challenge for many self-custodial wallet users. Through MetaMask Snaps we are tapping into the full extent of the innovation happening in Web3 and providing new, optional, and experimental features that innovatively attempt to solve this problem. We are excited to partner with Safeheron to improve MetaMask’s user experience,” said Alex Jupiter, Senior Product Manager for MetaMask Accounts on the launch of the Safeheron Multi-Factor Authentication.

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