Breaking: Safeheron Joins World’s First MPC Alliance


Safeheron is delighted to announce that, as a leading Asian MPC digital asset secure custodian, Safeheron has officially joined the international enterprise alliance —— MPC Alliance.

*MPC Alliance, as the world's first and only multi-party computation enterprise alliance, comprises world-leading cryptography companies, including Alibaba Group, Unbound, APRA, ZenGo, etc., who are driven by international top technology and cryptography. MPC Alliance aims to unit multiple parties’ research abilities and resources to promote research on and application of multi-party computation (MPC).

With self-developed multi-layer security technologies combining top-tier MPC cryptography and hardware isolation, Safeheron redefined custody service. On the premise of Safeheron customers retain total control over the private key, Safeheron custody service eliminates the single point of failure on the private key and provides the most impenetrable security in the market: safeguarding against hacking and internal malicious act.

Safeheron CEO Wade Wang said: "Multi-party computation is an area Safeheron has been specialized in and into which we have devoted considerable research resources. Another good news is we are working with Turing AI Institute of Nanjing, led by Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, the introducer of MPC. We are together building a joint lab to undertake more MPC & blockchain security-related research."

Safeheron plans to officially open source our independently designed MPC basic algorithm library in May and it already has been audited by Kudelski. We hope that through open source and security ecosystem participants, we can jointly advance MPC basic research and scenario exploration on blockchain security to serve more Web3 players with high security and drive Web3 development.

What is Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

MPC is a subfield of cryptography that allows multiple parties to compute an output using their private data without disclosing their data to each other or any other third parties, and it is capable of doing so while guaranteeing the accuracy of the output even though some data are compromised. Thus, MPC reduces the dependency on trusted third parties and physically secured devices to maintain the privacy and security of our digital footprints.

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