What are teams?

A team is your own private and confidential business operation in Safeheron. Within a team, you manage and organize your wallets, members, approvers, etc so that they can collaborate with each other according to your business needs.

Teams provide you with confidentiality (i.e. each team has separated data) and flexibility (i.e. each team can have different policies, user settings, etc).

Some customers choose to have just one team and segregate their digital assets using multiple wallets. Some customers prefer to have multiple teams, each with its own set of members and policies. It's up to you!

Why do we need teams?

Teams offer secured working space, each with its own wallets, members, admins and approval nodes that integrate with one another seamlessly. You need at least one team to use Safeheron.

You might choose to have a team for your assets, and another team for testing. You might choose to have a team for each country that your company operates in.

If you're not sure how many teams you will need, start with one!

Our team is available to guide you if there are any questions Safeheron Support.

How do we use teams?

Create a team

If you haven't created any teams, go to and download the Safeheron App first. You will be directed to create a team by getting an invitation code from Safeheron and then, with one valid code, simply inputting your team name and creating one.

You can also learn more in Create Your Team.

🪄 Tips: In the email asking for an invitation code, we need

  1. Your institution/team/company name and address

  2. Applicant name

  3. Institution/team/company’s business type

View team info

In Safeheron App, navigate to Me ➡ 'Team Name' bar, you can check out your team info

  • Team ID - required when you need advanced transaction policies

  • Team Name & Team Pic - help you distinguish between multiple teams

  • Extended Public Key - required when you recover the original private key via Safeheron Offline Private Key Recovery

Team Settings

Safeheron App contains the majority of functions. All the team settings are leveraged on the app end which is more convenient and efficient.

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