Safeheron Weekly Dispatch | MAY 27 '22


Security Incidents

The Official Discord of The Fracture Has Been Attacked

The NFT project The Fracture's Discord has been attacked and hackers have made 455 SOLs. Clicking on a link or private message sent by its Discord to interact with it may cause damage.

The Official Discord of APIENS Has Been Attacked

The NFT project APIENS's Discord has been attacked that 130 NFT have been transferred (24 Apiens and 1 ENS included). The attackers use "" to phishing.

The Official Discord of Trait Sniper Has been Attacked

The NFT trading platform Trait Sniper 's Discord has been attacked. 59 NFT has been sent to address start with 0x3E8Da.

Algorithm Stablecoin Project bDollar Has Been Under Price Manipulation

The algorithm stablecoin project bDollar has been hit by a price manipulation attack, with the attackers making a profit of 2,381 WBNB (approximately $730,000). The attack mainly exploited a design flaw in the claimAndReinvestFromPancakePool function in the DAO fund proxy contract CommunityFund when adding liquidity, not taking into account the fact that the project owner would passively take over the liquidity with its own funds in the contract when the price was maliciously pulled up.

Industry Updates


Safeheron and GameFi Project ArchLoot Established Partnership

Safeheron provided MPC and TEE-based private key security and multi-people governance auto solution for GameFi project ArchLoot.

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust

Japanese Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust to Establish Digital Asset Custodian

The custody service will be a joint-venture between Bitbank, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, which will own 85%, and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust, which will own 15%. The joint-venture is named the Japan Digital Asset Trust, the company will target institutional investors perturbed by the risk of cryptocurrency theft


EQONEX Launches NFT OTC Trading and Secure Custody Services

The deal is part of a new offering from the company that provides exclusive NFTs through a network of regulated partners and provides storage for the assets within Digivault, the UK's first standalone custodian to be FCA-registered under the crypto asset regime. The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT was purchased through regulated Canadian brokerage Secure Digital Markets, one of EQONEX's partners, and deposited directly into Digivault. The NFT is held in bank vaults alongside other Digivault crypto assets, diamonds, and silver.

MSP Recovery and Tokenology Launch A Healthcare Claims Tokenization Platform LifeChain on Polygon

MSP Recovery has partnered with Tokenology to launch a healthcare claims tokenization platform LifeChain that will help eliminate fraud and benefit patients, care providers and insurers alike. The platform is designed to solve significant problems the healthcare industry faces today, including fraud, inefficiency in payments, and antiquated processes, to provide real-time decentralized services that connect patients to providers and their own medical data like never before.

French Banking Giant BNP Paribas Joins JPMorgan’s Onyx Blockchain

French banking giant BNP Paribas, the second-largest banking group in Europe, is now trading digital tokens on JPMorgan’s blockchain network for short-term asset loans. Onyx deals specifically with the intraday repurchase (repo) market, which is valued at around $12 trillion. Banks can lend tokenized US Treasurys for a few days at a time without the assets leaving their balance sheets.

FTX Ventures Leads $5M Seed Round for NFT Trust Layer Doppel

Doppel, a real-time, cross-chain monitoring service for detecting NFT fraud and counterfeits, today announced the close of a $5 million seed investment round led by FTX Ventures. Doppel will leverage the funds from this round to enhance its detection capabilities, which will allow the platform to better identify bad actors within the ecosystem and expand upon the current illicit activities that it monitors for.

Immutable X's cross-rollup liquidity solution to cross multiple L2/L3 ZK-rollup

Immutable will deploy the first cross-rollup liquidity protocol connecting NFT trades across multiple L2/L3s - without compromising Ethereum security. Its open orderbook paved the road to solving a fundamental problem in NFT trading: connecting traders everywhere - NFT aggregator, boutique marketplace, or in-game. Web3 Gaming get unparalleled scalability and composability with the full decentralization and security of Ethereum.

ROAST: Robust Asynchronous Schnorr Threshold Signatures

ROAST is a simple wrapper around threshold signature schemes like FROST. It guarantees that a quorum of honest signers, e.g., the Liquid functionaries, can always obtain a valid signature even in the presence of disruptive signers when network connections have arbitrarily high latency. Our empirical performance evaluation shows that ROAST scales well to large signer groups.

Babel Finance hits $2 billion valuation in new funding round

Babel Finance, a Hong Kong-based crypto startup that provides lending and trading services to institutional investors, has raised $80 million in a Series B funding round that values the company at $2 billion. With fresh capital in hand, Babel Finance plans to expand globally, especially in the UK, Latin America and North America.

StarkWare's Valuation Quadruples to $8 billion in New Funding Round

This round will allow us to expand our effort in product development, engineering and business development and grow our ecosystem around StarkEx and StarkNet. StarkWare offers two key products: StarkEx and StarkNet. The former is a permissioned tailor-made Ethereum scaling engine and the latter is a permissionless decentralized ZK-rollup that supports independent deployment of smart contracts.

Enhanced Digital Group Announces $12.5 M Seed Round to Fund Expanded Access for Crypto Structured Trading Products

Enhanced Digital Group (EDG), a wholesaler of structured products in the digital asset space, announced today a $12.5 million seed funding raise. The round was led by WebN Group. The funding will enable EDG to provide products and services to firms catering to US onshore and offshore traders, while providing working capital to expand hires for sales, technology, legal, and finance.

Celestia Launches Testnet for First Modular Blockchain Network

Layer 1 blockchain Celestia has launched its “Mamaki” testnet, making it one step closer to becoming the first fully functional modular blockchain. Modular networks allow users to spin up their own blockchains at scale while maintaining the security standards of rival layer 1s, separating consensus from execution.


- Dubai have created a committee that is mandated with tracking the latest developments in the digital economy. The committee is also expected to bolster the rulers’ quest to make Dubai a “key city in the metaverse.”

- Binance will launch payment and transaction services in Dubai in June.

- MetaMask has collaborated with Asset Reality to help recover stolen crypto assets.

Market Regulation

- Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China released the Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on Strengthening Blockchain Application in the Judicial Field.

- IMF urges to develop a global public digital platform to connect various forms of money, including central bank digital currencies.

- South Korean financial regulations require encrypted trading platforms to strengthen inspections of stablecoins to prevent the Luna incident from happening again; the Korean Financial Services Commission will implement risk assessments for virtual assets.

- The Central African Republic has published online plans for a “crypto hub" include a “crypto island” and a digital wallet, NFT and metaverse.

- Turkey is crafting legislation that would establish greater control over the cryptocurrency market.

- Thailand exempts crypto transfers grom VAT until end of 2023.

- Portugal's Parliament rejects Bitcoin and crypto tax proposals.

- Solarisbank is helping Binance to become regulated in Germany; Binance signed a Memorandum on Cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan that Binance will give suggestion on crypto assets' regulations and policies;Binance Bahrain holds a full Category 4 License as a crypto-asset service provider (CASP) from the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).

- Paraguayan Bill Regulating Crypto Mining and Trading Moves Closer to Law.

- Brazil’s Federal Revenue now requires citizens to pay taxes on like-kind crypto trades.

Industry Briefing

Since 2022, the international economic situation has become increasingly severe, with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, high inflation, and the resurgence of the COVID-19, also along with the start of monetary tightening in major developed economies led by the Federal Reserve, resulting in an increased risk of liquidity shortages, and the cryptocurrency market has remained generally down due to multiple factors. The DeFi market is stabilizing after the LUNA incident, while the NFT market is trading in a sluggish state.

In terms of security incidents this week, the official Discord of various projects became the first choice of attackers, and phishing attacks were quite frequent, so you need to be cautious when facing unknown information sources or highly similar links & fake official websites.

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