Secure Access for Optimism and Arbitrum


Safeheron is committed to delivering secure and efficient access to various cryptocurrency platforms and services, prioritizing the highest security standards in the evolving blockchain industry.

We are excited to announce that Safeheron now supports Optimism and Arbitrum, enabling Safeheron customers to securely participate in these two thriving L2 blockchains.

Optimism and Arbitrum are now live on Safeheron

Safeheron customers can now securely access Optimism and Arbitrum and transfer their assets without compromising security or efficiency. This allows customers to manage their asset allocations/transfers on Optimism and Arbitrum as needed.

An all-in-one solution that is easy to get started with.

About Optimism

Optimism is a fast, stable, scalable, and low-cost Ethereum L2 solution. Utilizing Optimistic Rollup, Optimism operates in parallel with Ethereum, processing transactions at a large scale while inheriting Ethereum's security. This helps alleviate network congestion, ultimately reducing transaction costs and processing times.

Optimism (OP) is its native token.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum is a fast, scalable Optimistic Rollup-based Ethereum L2 solution with additional privacy features for developers to execute unmodified EVM contracts and transactions on L2 while maintaining the security of Ethereum. It is capable of processing transactions faster with lower costs.

Arbitrum (ARB) is its native token.

We have MORE exciting updates in the works, so stay tuned!

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