Safeheron API: A Win-win for Security and Efficiency


The Game Between Security and Efficiency

For a long time, the balancing between security and efficiency has been bothering crypto enterprises. In most circumstances, the improvement on business security needs certain sacrifice of efficiency, such as adopting cold wallet and hardware wallet that are never online while higher business efficiency often sacrifices certain security, as evidenced by the numerous attacks on exchanges in recent years.

A Win-win for Security and Efficiency

Safeheron MPC (Secure Multi-Party Computation) effectively solves the security problem of single private key but there are cases where the efficiency does not meet the needs of institutions, like exchanges who require high efficiency. Thus, Safeheron API is the key to achieving a win-win for security and efficiency.

Swiftly deploy MPC signing machine locally and apply Safeheron API, you can efficiently and seamlessly integrate Safeheron MPC signing, approval flow, risk management, AML and other features into your business system. Upgrade your system security also maintain business high efficiency at the same time. Security and efficiency are no longer a mutually exclusive relationship, but complementary, working together to create a high-performance business system and achieve a win-win.

To learn more about API, you can refer to Safeheron API Docs

About Safeheron

Safeheron is a leading institutional-grade asset security solutions provider. We dedicate ourselves into providing top-tier security standards for crypto industry. With our MPC (Secure Multi-Party Computation) and TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), we safeguard asset-related operations between institutions.

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