Welcome to The New Safeheron


TL;DR: we are introducing today a brand-new redesign to Safeheron focused on more clarity, simplicity, and flexibility.

From the very first day we launched Safeheron, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a next-generation digital asset infrastructure.

As we grew, with our profound and powerful technologies such as MPC, TEE, and other advanced security technologies, we went from having 1-to-1 traditional custody solution offerings to a much lower threshold to letting digital asset security be available and affordable on a larger scale.

We pushed our limits even further and brought a new makeover to our digital asset infrastructure, also to our Safeheron App which is clearer, simpler, and more flexible than ever.

We believe that openness and transparency should be the standard in crypto. All developers can review our open source code, not only to ensure we live up to our promise, and always practice the highest security standards but also to establish confidence with our users as a trusted, reliable platform.

Welcome to the new Safeheron

We dream big. We look to the future.

We want you to have the best secure crypto journey, and we want to help more teams to advance businesses based on a concrete security foundation, while together, with us, faithful to Safeheron's core values of openness and transparency in mind, building the digital asset security infrastructure.

Sign up & start to use in a few minutes

No more tedious application, self-help mode at your service!

You can now directly download Safeheron App and within 10 mins, you can enjoy the enterprise-level custody solution right on your device.

From signing up to creating your whole team, ALL together, in 10 mins.

Multi-people co-management in one App

You can now manage your team together with your team members in just one app. Create your team, invite your team members, and see all of your team wallets and balances in one convenient place, Safeheron.

Check all wallets you have, see what assets are in the wallet, view all history transactions, add your wallets and manage coins all in one place.

Your 100% control over your assets

Time to say goodbye to the single point of failure on the private key. Safeheron multi-layer security technology, including MPC, hardware isolation (Intel SGX) and hundreds of security designs makes sure that the original private key never appears in any physical devices&RAM and that you control your private key.

Hacking and internal malicious acts cannot penetrate your self-protection powered by Safeheron.

We suggest you (the team creator) assign different team members to back up cloud key shards.

Your transactions in a snap

For having a team together co-manage crypto assets, we see an obvious pain for efficiency. Now the upgraded Safeheron is to make approvals as simple, clear as possible.

We give you the flexibility to configure various transaction policies with your team. When creating a transaction, the matching policy will be automatically triggered to proceed. All needed details to synchronize with members all around the world at once.

The above is a simple transaction approval policy and approval details sample for you. Unlock more flexibility in Safeheron App!

Your secure custody at a low cost

Security in the blockchain should not be a luxury but sadly it is now.

The overhaul of Safeheron lowers the user threshold with enterprise-level security. You can enjoy Safeheorn free self-custody plan right now which is significantly much safer and trustworthier.

Also, the gas costs of MPC transactions are the same as that of single private-key transactions. Safeheron helps you save up to 90% on ETH & BTC transaction fees.

No more Fat Finger and test transactions

Whitelisting is an efficient way of expediting business efficiency. Concerns about hijacking the whitelists lead Safeheron to provide a better way of eliminating risks lurking around them.

All whitelists are pre-approved in Safeheron. Team members together decide on which addresses to be whitelisted, and they will sign on the addresses as proof. The pre-approved whitelists with members’ signatures are always in the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) which is tramper-proof and theft-proof.

No worries on Fat Finger, use whitelists to make sure your assets go where you want. No more test transactions but directly send to addresses you already trust.

More than meets the eye

We also worked hard behind the scenes. Our technical masters work hard to boost efficiency and deliver a super smooth experience while enhancing security for you.

What we have for you:

  • What you see is what you sign that all details in the approval are the same as it on the chain

  • Our risk control covers asset liquidity risks, business operational risks, internal security operation risks, etc.

  • Partnered with leading AML & compliance providers, your team is under protection against high-risk trading.

  • Detect contract addresses and give you timely prompts.

  • …...

We’ve embedded our security into our underlying infrastructure and application. You’ll be able to feel the power of security of Safeheron while using it.

Safeheron API: Highly integrated into YOUR own system

Safeheron API covers all current features in Safeheron App while providing higher flexibility for your business needs. You can build your own cold, warm and hot wallet architecture as per your needs based on Safeheron security infrastructure. Also, you can have secure access to multiple Web3 protocols, to explore Web3 freely.

This is just the beginning

When we look at how far we’ve come from our very first version, we are still excited to say that IT'S JUST THE BEGINING. There are so many to be explored and expected!

We will keep creating, improving, and bringing an all-enterprise-affordable digital asset infrastructure and product suite.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your pain points and requests, or just stop by to say hi. You can reach us at support@safeheron.com.

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