What are whitelists?

Whitelists are pre-approved/permissioned addresses that are approved by your team. This is another security and efficiency design for you: when creating a transaction, the initiator can directly transfer tokens to the whitelist (the authenticated/verified addresses by your team).

Why do we need whitelists?

Whitelisting is a win-win design for security and efficiency.

For security, using whitelists can guarantee you that your destination for this transaction is always the correct one and cannot be tampered with. And, you no longer need to worry about there can be something going wrong during manually entering addresses, or in copying and pasting.

For efficiency, you don't need to enter the address every time you create a transaction, just one click on the whitelist (the address is also where you want to send to) and then you can proceed.

How do we use whitelists?

Add whitelists

Navigate to Me ➡ Whitelist, click Add.

Enter the address name, type and the address.

Delete whitelists

If you want to delete one whitelist, slide right at the whitelist and click Delete, and a confirmation will pop up.

📝 Note:

Once the co-management is enabled (decision-making mode is activated), adding or deleting the whitelist needs to be approved by admins together.

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