Safeheron in 2023


2023 marked Safeheron's inaugural year in advancing its market presence worldwide. We extend heartfelt thanks to nearly 100 institutional clients for integrating Safeheron’s solutions into their internal fund management and crypto businesses.

These institutions span almost every sector of the Web3 industry, including public companies, investment funds, OTC desks, exchanges, and payment service platforms, spreading across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Dubai, Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, and more.

Despite the challenges of 2023, we still achieved several significant milestones while continuously listening to our customers and the market.

Introducing New Services

Focusing on one-stop fund management and Wallet-as-a-Service solutions, Safeheron continued to roll out new services, including but not limited to:

  • Open-source offline private key recovery tool (allowing users to recover original private keys for asset transfer in case Safeheron ceases operations).

  • Automated fueling and sweeping services (eliminating development costs in managing funds across cold, warm, and hot wallets).

  • Web3 Suite supporting custom network additions (efficient node access especially for high-frequency DeFi interactions).

  • Private deployment of the entire Safeheron platform (especially for clients who aim to fully control risk).

  • Non-custodial Wallet-as-a-Service (supporting clients in building decentralized MPC wallets through private deployment).

  • Support for more blockchains (e.g., NEAR, Filecoin, Polygon, Sui, Aptos, Conflux, etc.).

Upholding the Highest Security Standards

Safeheron has adhered to its commitment to providing the highest security standards. Through two years of relentless effort, we successfully obtained SOC2 TYPE I / TYPE II certifications audited by Deloitte and re-passed the ISO 27001 annual audit. Meanwhile, in collaboration with Lockton, we offered digital asset security insurance to ensure comprehensive security for digital assets.

These certifications not only boost market confidence in Safeheron but also enable more licensed institutions to meet regulatory compliance requirements through collaboration with Safeheron.

Practicing Open-Source Idea

Committed to open-sourcing and transparency, Safeheron has been enriching its GitHub repositories, including but not limited to:

  • Open-sourced the world's first C++-based MPC protocol library, incorporating the implementation of GG18, GG20, CMP, and other MPC-ECDSA threshold signature protocols.

  • Passed security audits from Kudelski, Least Authority, and SlowMist.

  • Identified a security vulnerability related to signature-derived keys and disclosed it to well-known MPC solution providers such as Fireblocks, Fordefi, Zengo.

  • Open-sourced detection tools for known MPC vulnerabilities like BitForge.

  • Collaborated with MetaMask in developing the 100% open-source Safeheron Snap.

To date, customers have created over 180,000 MPC wallets through Safeheron, with the highest monthly asset transfer reaching $1.7 billion, effectively demonstrating Safeheron's outstanding performance in security and high concurrency.

As 2023 comes to an end, on behalf of the entire Safeheron team, I sincerely thank our customers, partners, investors, and all friends who have supported us with understanding and goodwill. Without you, Safeheron could not have come this far, and with you, Safeheron will go even further.

Wishing everyone a happy 2024, may it be better than 2023, and may everything you wish come true!

Wade Wang, Safeheron CEO

December 31, 2023, Singapore

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