Approval Nodes

What are approval nodes?

Approval nodes in Safeheron are the rounds of approval for a certain event carried out by your team. And, each approval node has its own quorum/threshold (preset it).

Once the quorum/threshold is met, the whole approval procedure will proceed. The validity of every approval result will be verified in Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

For example, you can set two approval nodes in approving one transaction. It means that to approve the transaction after it's created, there will be 2 approval nodes to review the transaction and approve or reject it. So, the transaction will be reviewed and approved twice before it's successful.

Why do we need approval nodes?

To secure your assets and businesses, approval nodes are here to help your team be on the same page on what's going on and consider the operations thoroughly.

No more one people call the shot, but to be efficiently engaged in a team and play the role accordingly, enhancing your business security and health.

What approval nodes can do?

Set & change approval nodes

Navigate to Me ➡ Transaction Approval, you can see the option Change Approval Flow.

Here, you can change node's name, who to be approvers (choose from members with Approve Transaction permission), how many nodes in the Approval Process.

📝 Note:

For basic transaction policy and advanced transaction policies, setting and changing the approval nodes are the same.

Approve business operations

In basic transaction policies and advanced transaction Transfer Policy, approval nodes are always needed.

That means, for all kinds of transactions in your business, you can configure how many rounds for approval you want and who are in the approval node (choose from members with Approve Transaction permission).

Let's see one example: Send TRX

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