What are admins?

Admins are a key component of Safeheron. Admins all share the same-level permissions. They can manage members (invite members, change or delete members' permissions), manage team wallets, etc.

The creator invites all admins at once which means the co-management is enabled. And, the team creator is one of the admins in the team.

Why do we need admins?

Admins are essential to help the business be under co-management, to be fair, to be transparent, and to be healthy.

Sharing the same permissions with team creators, in Safeheron, the co-management makes sure all the crucial decisions, all the key operations, are under the team's control, instead of one single person for a team decision.

What admins can do?

View existing admins

Navigate to Me ➡ Member Management, click Admin, you can see who are the admins in the team and the existing decision-making mode.

Set up advanced transaction policies

Admins can set advanced transaction policies. And for security, Safeheron team is here to help with the configuration of the advanced transaction policies.

Make decisions together

In Safeheron, once you have admins in your teams, then the co-management is enabled, which means for crucial decisions, all the admins have the right to be a part of making decisions.

The team creator will set a certain quorum/threshold (based on how many admins are in a team) to approve the decision.

📝 Note:

  1. The decision-making mode is decided when inviting all admins.

  2. Crucial decisions are the scenarios that may affect asset security, like configuring transaction policies, setting whitelists, etc.

  3. Admins have all the permissions a member can have. Team creators and admins share same-level permissions in a team.

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