API Co-Signer

Why do we need API Co-Signer?

API Co-Signer automates MPC Sign. You need to deploy the API Co-Signer on your server and call Safeheron API. Then, API Co-Signer can automatically have 3 parties perform MPC Sign.

Remember, you are the only owner of your server that Safeheron cannot and won't intervene.

What API Co-Signer can do?

  1. Send transaction requests via API to Safeheron

  2. Safeheron generates a to-sign transaction list

  3. Co-Signer on your end will regularly call Safeheron API to get the to-sign list

  4. Co-Signer on your end, with the to-sign list, executes the callback for the authorization interface of your business system

  5. Your business system returns the authorization result

  6. Your Co-Signer call Safeheron API and submit the approval result

  7. Safeheron reviews the approval result and initiates MPC Sign

  8. Your Co-Signer will receive the message on MPC Sign and identify the authorization is approved. And then, the 3 parties will perform MPC Sign.

🪄 Tips: How to call API please refer to API Co-Signer.

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