Safeheron Web Console Fully Upgraded


The Web Console of Safeheron has undergone a complete upgrade today and users are invited to try out the improved version.

This upgrade has newly launched features of wallet management and receiving & sending assets into Web Console to fully meet the asset management needs of institutional users when it comes to computer-side usage scenarios.

Wallet Management

With the latest upgrade of the Web Console, users can access all team wallets, check the asset status and transaction history of each wallet, and utilize features like adding wallets, managing coins, and managing Safeheron mobile wallets. This will enable institutional users to efficiently manage their wallets in office settings.

Receiving & Sending Assets

The Web Console also allows users to send and receive digital assets, with options to send assets to team wallets, whitelisted addresses, and custom addresses. Transactions are executed smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Explore the new functionalities of Safeheron's Web Console and optimize it for your specific usage scenarios.

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