Introducing Safeheron Web3 Suite: The Powerful Institutional-Grade Web3 Infrastructure


TL;DR: We like to introduce you to the Safeheron Web3 Suite, a robust, innovative, and reliable Web3 infrastructure for your business needs.

Safeheron's proprietary MPC technology helps eliminate the single point of failure by the private key. Our Web3 Suite assists in facilitating transactions and navigating the Web3 space in a safe and efficient manner.

And now we'd like to introduce you to our robust, dynamic, and secure Web3 Suite: Enterprise Web3 Browser Extension, Safeheron App, and Safeheron Web3 API.

Operating Across All EVM Chains

With Safeheron's Web3 Suite, entities can now operate on ALL EVM chains:

  • Create multiple Web3 wallets based on various use cases.

  • Securely access any DeFi and NFT markets anytime & anywhere.

  • Institutional-grade solutions to help you automate your operations while maintaining total control over your assets.

Keeping security in mind while developing projects, services, and products can be a challenge for any team, especially since web3 security is still in its infancy.

Safeheron's mission is to aid in the safeguarding of our clients' digital assets. This is done by leveraging our proprietary MPC cryptography to eliminate the security risks associated with a private key. Therefore, providing our users with peace of mind and unrestricted access to their assets.

Secure Multi-Party Management

Safeheron offers flexible policies and multi-party approval workflow to ensure control over transactions and transfers. All policies are stored and executed in a Trusted Execution Environment(TEE), adhering to rules decided by your team.

  • Create policies to protect DeFi and NFT transactions, allowing you to preserve your assets throughout the process.

  • Assign members with varied degrees of permissions to guarantee that only authorized individuals may make key decisions.

Safeheron's proprietary MPC cryptography utilizes key shards to compute signatures without ever exposing the private key and private key shards to any third party. Safeguard your assets from external hackers and malicious insiders.

Each key shard has a unique recovery phrase that can be backed up by members of your team, ensuring the integrity of ownership since day one.

Real-Time Risk Detection

When using Safeheron's Web3 Suite, users initiate Web3 transactions via the browser extension or APIs before approving them on the App.

Once risks are detected, there will be real-time alerts to protect your Web3 interactions, including those with DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and all smart contracts.

Safeheron will promptly detect phishing websites and assist in verifying contract approvals.

We will always be available to ensure the security of your assets.

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