What are creators?

Creators are persons who create teams in Safeheron. Team creators are also the team admins. Team creators can invite team Admins and Members, activate team members and admins, set team members' permissions, etc.

Why do we need creators?

Team creators are the ones who will first set the purpose of and who to be involved in the team as per business needs.

Team creators will first initialize and activate one team to involve more people into the co-management.

What creators can do?

Create a team

Invite and verify members

Invite members

Navigate to Me ➡ Member Management, click Invite Team Member .

Enter the email of the member you want to invite and send the invitation.

Set members' permissions

  1. The invitee will first accept your invitation

  2. You (the inviter) need to set the invitee's/member's permissions

What permissions can a member has:

  • View Receiving Address

  • Create Transaction

  • Approve Transaction

  • Manage Transaction Policy

  • Manage Member

  • Manage API

  • Manage Whitelist

  • Manage Team Wallet

  • Crypto Fund Management

Verify members

  1. You will verify the invitee's security certificate

  2. The invitee can officially join the team on his/her side once verified

📝 Note:

Only after the inviter verifies the invitee can the invitee officially join the team.

Invite and verify admins

Invite admins

Navigate to Me ➡ Member Management, click Admin , and then choose Invite Other Admins to Join.

Set the decision-making mode, and re-confirm sending the admin invitation or not.

Verify admins

This part share the same process as Verify members.

📝 Note:

The creator invites all admins at once.

Set decision-making

Decide decision-making is to decide on how to conduct the co-management in the team.

The creator needs to decide on how to make decisions together before inviting any admin.

The process is contained in Invite admins.

📝 Note:

Set decision-making also means co-management is enabled. You cannot recall it.

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