What If I Forget Google Authentication?

If you cannot use your Google authentication, please send email to contact us (Safeheron team). We will verify your identity according to your answers in email. After confirming your identity, we will unbind your Google authentication.

Unbind Google Authentication Email (Please send an email to us by your Safeheron login email)

Recipient: support@safeheron.com

Email Subject: Unbind Google Authentication

Email Content (Fill in as many relevant items as possible, conducive to the verify your identity):


1. Give the cryptocurrency, amount, sending address, and receiving address that you’ve recently sent or received

2. When did you sign up for Safeheron (year-month-date)?

3. How many teams your current email ID owns?

4. How many wallets your current email ID owns?

5. Which team of yours has the most members?

6. How many people are in the team that has the most members (including you)?

7. Give your team members’ email IDs (as many as possible).

8. Others (You can provide evidence that can prove that the email ID belongs to you).

After your Google authentication is unbound, you can rebind your Google authentication via Safeheron App. We recommend that you make a safe backup of Google authentication to ensure that you can recover it through the backup when your Google authentication becomes unavailable.

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