Secure Access to USDT, Huobi Ethereum, Huobi USD and Huobi BTC (HRC-20)


Today, it's exciting to announce that Safeheron customers can now securely access to more HRC-20 tokens, USDT, Huobi Ethereum (ETH), Huobi USD (HUSD) and Huobi BTC (HBTC).

How to Use USDT, ETH, HUSD & HBTC (HRC-20)

  • Securely store them on Safeheron with 24/7 access to USDT, ETH, HUSD & HBTC (HRC-20)

  • Instantly transfer USDT, ETH, HUSD & HBTC (HRC-20) anytime & anywhere as per your needs

  • For our institution customers, you can provide USDT, ETH, HUSD & HBTC (HRC-20) support to your customers by integrating it into your services.

About H-Tokens

H-tokens are a suite of assets issued on Ethereum and backed by cryptocurrencies from other blockchains to bridge centralized and DeFi markets. H-token series aims to bring more digital assets to the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. H-Tokens are standard ERC20 tokens with a 1: 1 ratio of mainstream crypto assets. While maintaining the same value, H-series assets also have the flexibility of Ethereum.

MORE are coming, STAY TUNED!

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