Safeheron For Web3

An institutional multisig governance solution for Web3.

Safeheron is an open-source, transparent and decentralized digital asset self-custody service provider founded by a team with more than a decade of experience in cybersecurity and cryptography.

Since 2019, the core team has been at the forefront of digital asset security management research and defense. Today, Safeheron is recognized as the leading MPC-TEE solution provider in the industry. Safeheron's mission is to create a self-custody infrastructure for digital assets that is affordable for all enterprises.

After continuous development and multiple rounds of rigorous testing, the Safeheron team is finally prepared to unveil the eagerly anticipated Web3 product suite. This product suite includes the mobile App, Enterprise Web3 Browser Extension, Web Console, Safeheron API and SDK, and Offline Recovery Tool. Safeheron uses multiple private key shards as opposed to a single private key, along with strong institutional-level functionality, and is designed to solve the financial security concerns of Web3 applications.

With Web3 product suite, our users can have two kinds of self-custody wallets, Asset Wallet and Web3 Wallet. Users can manage their assets while governing all interactions with Web3 applications in a multi-signature manner. Safeheorn also provides the Web3 API and SDK solutions for developers. Furthermore, with the Offline Recovery Tool, users can export their private key shards from the MPC network and recover the original private key.

In the Web3 era, Safeheron's Web3 Product Suite is vital!

With the advent of Web3 application use cases like DeFi, GameFi, NFT, DAO, etc., the crypto bull market of 2020–2021 has given the entire industry a fresh perspective. An army of Web3 developers and institutional backers have banded together to create this new ecosystem.

However, the early stages of the development of an ecosystem are always flawed, and as a result of poor infrastructure, the market's early wallets and hosting providers are either geared toward individual-level consumers, such as Metamask and Ledger, or toward traditional large exchanges, banks, and other centralized platforms, such as BitGo and Fireblocks.

Of course, developer-oriented multi-signature contract wallets, such as Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe), are also available on the market . Although Safe is an on-chain smart contract and has the benefits of transparency and decentralization, it has its own drawbacks, including a lack of privacy and the absence of an EOA address. Due to the nature of multi-signature, transactions are posted in real-time on the blockchain and counterparties can easily verify an institution's actions. Management of multi-network assets without an EOA address can be inconvenient and cause usage issues for institutional-level clients. For example, when the Optimisim team transferred OP tokens from the Optimisim network to an Ethereum network market maker's multi-signature address by mistake, which resulted in the loss of 20 million OP tokens due to incompatible network wallet addresses. Incidents like this can be easily avoided if EOA addresses were used.

In the process of serving customers, Safeheron has keenly captured the troubles of users. For example, if customers want to put part of their funds into DeFi mining, they have to give the private key to the specific trader who will operate it, so they cannot do effective governance control. Simply put, there's a variety of capital management needs that pose a challenge for business risk management control processes.

Safeheron launched our Web3 product suite to provide a multi-signature governance solution for our institutional clients. This is done by introducing secure governance for universal multi-signature approvals for all Web3 applications such as DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, DAOs, bridges, and so on.

Who is the Web3 Product Suite for?

The product suite is intended for investors in the Web3 ecosystem, which can include investment firms, hedge funds, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and so on.

The product suite is designed for Web3 ecosystem developers, including DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, DAO, and bridge developers, as well as other niche developers.

Web3 Product Suite Details

As previously stated, the Safeheron Web3 product suite includes the mobile application, a browser extension, a web console, APIs and SDKs, as well as an offline recovery tool. The following are the primary features of our Web3 product suite in its entirety:

In addition to the asset wallet, we introduce a Web3 wallet designed specifically for the Web3 environment. It can support additional signature methods and can be used with extensions to not only send and receive transactions, but also switch between EVM networks. The wallets are used independently to protect user funds with an additional layer of security!

The Safeheron Web3 product suite is supported on common EVM networks and layers, including Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum one, Polygon, Fantom, AMAX C-Chain, and Goerli Testnet, among others.

Multiple signatures and signature parsing are supported. Eth_sign, personal_sign, signTypedData, eth_signTransaction signature methods, and WYSIWYG parsing for common methods in eth_signTransaction are supported as well.

Effective browser extension functionality. Our users can use the Safeheron Extension to connect to any Web3 application to interact with any DeFi or NFT marketplace. Developer can use the Safeheron Extension to connect to any developer tool, such as Remix to deploy contracts.

Browser Extension

Customers utilizing HCI products can connect to the Web3 application via the Safeheron browser extension, submit transactions in the browser extension, perform multi-signature approvals through the mobile app, and generate signatures via an MPC multi-party computation to complete the upload.

There's no private key shading in the browser extension, so there is no need to be concerned about the hidden risk of private key theft.


Customers who use APIs and SDKs for secondary development can initiate Web3 transactions automatically through APIs, customize automated trading strategies, and use mobile applications to manually approve signatures for uploading or generate signatures for uploading via the automated API Co-Singers.

Mobile App

Approve transactions anytime, anywhere, and manage your wallet more efficiently with the Safeheron Mobile App!

The mobile app enables users to quickly add team members, assign members' permissions, configure team decision modes, and establish a standardized transaction approval flow for the team. Safeheron performs phishing site detection, contract authorization detection, and alerts our clients in real time when a risk is detected.

Web Console

The Web console allows users to export detailed transaction signature histories, making reconciliation and auditing easier.

Offline Recovery Tool

The offline recovery tool can recover the user's original private key when they are not connected to the network. We do not advise users to recover the original private key when connected to Safeheron.

Web3 Product Suite Features & Benefits

Hardware Wallet Level of Security

Safeheron utilizes multiple MPC private key shards as opposed to a single private key. The private key is never stored on a physical device, but multiple shards calculate the signature result without ever being exposed. This provides both the security of a hardware wallet and the convenience of a hot wallet. The Safeheron plugin is used solely for connecting to Web3 applications and submitting transactions. The absence of private key shards in the plugin effectively eliminates the risk of private key shards being stolen.

Customers Have 100% Control of Their Assets

Safeheron, in contrast to traditional full custody services, places 100% control of assets in the hands of the customer, providing them with ease of mind to the risk of misuse and fraud.

Separate Wallet Usage and Asset Control

Through flexible permission allocation and multi-signature approvals, it is possible to achieve the separation of transaction creators and approvers. Team members no longer need to control a private key shard to initiate transactions, thus helping improve risk management for institution managers.

EOA Wallet address, With the Ability to Switch Between EVM Networks

Unlike Safe's multi-signature solution, which is not universal across all EVM networks, Safeheron's EOA address solution is simple for customers to implement and eliminates the risk transfers to the wrong address due to inconsistent multi-signature addresses on different networks.

Robust Mobile Application

Safeheron offers a robust mobile service to accommodate the complex needs of today’s crypto industry. Customers can quickly complete over 95% of daily high-frequency tasks, such as initiating transfers and approving signatures using our mobile app, and complete complex low-frequency tasks through our web interface.

More Powerful and Flexible Multi-Sig Approval

Not only does Safeheron's approval flow support multi-level n/m, but it can also be combined with permissioned allocations to create more flexible and robust approval schemes.

Contract Interaction and Phishing Site Security Detection

Safeheron performs real-time phishing detection and contract approval detection during the mobile application signature approval process, and will alert users if a risk is detected.

Safeheron vs. Smart Contract Wallet vs. Hardware Wallet

Safeheron Browser Extension Tutorial

To use the Safeheron browser extension, users must first download and install the mobile app from the Safeheron website and complete the wallet setup. The instructions can be found at Getting Started.

After creating your Safeheron account, you can use the Safeheron Extension in just three easy steps.

Download and install

Download and install the browser extension from the official Safeheron website (

To avoid conflicts with other extensions, open a new browser account and install them separately.


a. To manage your account, hover over "Account" in the top-right corner of Chrome.

b. Add, choose to use without login account

c. Fill in the browser account name and complete


  • The Safeheron Extension is currently only available for Chrome.

  • Once the extension has been installed, pin Safeheron in the Chrome Extension Manager for easy access.

Login using the Safeheron Mobile App

Click the Safeheron icon to launch the extension, and then use the Safeheron mobile App to scan the QR code to log in.


  • If you are a returning customer of Safeheron, you must first create a Web3 wallet in the mobile app. (New users will automatically generate a Web3 wallet when creating their team).

  • To access the extension, you must have team permissions to initiate transactions and have completed the security certificate activation.

Getting started

After logging in, the Safeheron Extension can be used similarly to MetaMask.


  • To access any Web3 application or developer tool, select either Browser or MetaMask from the Connect menu.

  • After the transaction has been submitted via the extension, approvals and signatures must be completed in a timely manner on the mobile application.

Safeheron is always online to protect your assets!